Suspension Fork E18 for All-Mountain Mountain Biking

The MOTION RIDE E18 Fork is the only model to feature an anti-dive technology that does not compress during braking.

It is based on three patents specific to the Motion brand, developed in-house in France to offer a product with better control, lower maintenance, superior safety, more fun, and superior efficiency.

The anti-dive chassis utilizes braking energy to automatically, instantly, and precisely counteract the forces trying to compress the fork. The fork does not dive, preserving 100% of the available travel for impact

The Patents


When braking with a telescopic fork, it compresses even in the absence of impact, losing up to 80% of its damping capabilities. The MOTION fork is specially designed not to compress during braking.

The MOTION chassis uses braking energy to automatically, instantly, and precisely counteract the forces, including weight transfer, attempting to compress the fork.

The operation of the MOTION chassis is independent of the rider’s weight and braking power. The chassis is 100% mounted on Enduro Bearings ball bearings.


THE WAVE - 2nd Patent

The Wave© is the spring: a drawn composite blade that allows for an ideal progressive compression curve. It addresses the heat issues of a shock or spring, eliminating the risk of leakage. Additionally, the absence of friction contributes to increased comfort and traction.

The Wave© ensures consistent performance at every moment.

The blade can be adjusted based on the rider’s weight and riding style simply by adjusting the preload of the blade using a 6mm Allen key: we then set the SAG. Simple and effective !

THE FLOW - 3rd patent

The Flow© is a fully in-house developed oil-damped shock that utilizes thru-shaft technology, an integrated cooling system, and a friction-free design.

A unique technology that brings numerous advantages:

  • No floating piston: fewer parts and seals
  • No friction: increased comfort and traction
  • Consistent behavior even during a long descent
  • Manual adjustment for low-speed rebound using a ring
  • No risk of leakage thanks to our two atmospheric pressure chambers at both ends.
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