working method

our working method

Whichever our task may be, we build our offers in  Short-term independent series phases (1-6 weeks) , to  :

  • Facilitate  follow-up,

  • Obtain fast results,

  • Increase your visibility,

  • Guarantee the quality and efficiency of our interventions,

  • Guarantee our deadlines,

  • Control and master the final cost.






We only work in  package  :

It is often difficult / impossible to predict the actual study or development costs.

 In addition to guaranteeing you the cost, contract work allows us to simplify our management to focus on the essentials.  : satisfy you  !

Results requirement

We only work in  results requirement  :         

Will we succeed  ? This simple question too often prevents projects from being born. Forget that  ! Phase work allows us  to guarantee you every goal. The goal is not reached  ? The phase is not validated … so you do not pay  !


Know how

Area of intervention


  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Suspension
  • Shock absorber / hydraulic
  • Composite spring
  • Kinematics
  • chassis / running gear
  • Ground connection
  • Frame
  • CAD and Finite Element calculation 
  • Fast prototype  (Threads and resins all materials)  
  • Machining prototyping
  • Composite prototyping  (hollow part, high precision, carbon “forging”)  
  • Static and dynamic tests  (Deformation, Stiffness, Rupture, Fatigue)  
  • Field tests (Deformation, Forces, Acceleration)
  • Mechanical  
  • Hydraulic  
  • Materials  
  • Physical  
  • Statics, Kinematics and Dynamics of cycles 


  • Solid Works  
  • Wire 3D printer “UPBOX” (PLA, ABS)  
  • 3D printer Special threads  “Spider” (Glass, carbon, etc.)  
  • “Formlab” SLA 3D printer (Rigid, flexible resins, etc.)  
  • Digital machining center  
  • Conventional lathe  
  • MOTION 20tons Hot Press  
  • “Andreani DB4” hydraulic test bench  
  • MOTION 2.5tons test bench
  • Static test bench “Andreani DS1”
  • Large-form oven with vacuum devices
  • MOTION telemetry 
  • 3D Scanner
  • Laser engraver
  • Welding machine (all metals and aluminium TIG)
  • Marble
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