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E18 - fourche suspendue all mountain

E18 suspension fork for all-mountain bikes

The MOTION RIDE E18 fork is the only model to offer anti-dive technology: no compression when braking.

It’s based on 3 Motion brand patents, developed in-house in France to offer better control, less maintenance, greater safety, more fun and greater efficiency.

The anti-dive frame uses braking energy to automatically, instantaneously and precisely compensate for forces that attempt to compress the fork. The fork doesn’t dive and retains 100% of its travel to absorb impacts.

City, the ideal suspension for urban environments

Up to 10 times more comfortable than a conventional, maintenance-free suspension fork, La City is unquestionably the ideal suspension for city and country riding.

Developed on the basis of Motion’s patented torque link and pulled-blade technologies, La City is now available for purchase.


The flow evo is the high-tech shock absorber for mountain bikes: it’s the only shock absorber with atmospheric pressure and dual progressive hydraulic bumpers.

The result? A highly responsive and sensitive shock absorber, using 100% of the travel for unrivalled comfort and grip thanks to high-frequency filtration.

Motion has thought of everything, with a maximum number of accessible settings:

  • low-speed rebound,
  • low-speed compression,
  • high-speed rebound,
  • high-speed compression,
  • tool-free continuous adjustment of hydraulic support.

To make the mountain biking experiences unforgettable, Flow EVO also features :

  • atmospheric internal pressure combined with a bladder offering unrivalled sensitivity,
  • 100% available travel thanks to double progressive hydraulic bumper,
  • an ultra-light spring available in a wide range of stiffnesses for tailor-made adjustment,
  • a pivoting hydraulic cartridge for better adaptation to a wider variety of frames.


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