la city 20"

The ideal suspension for cargo bikes

Fourche cargo motion engineering

La City 20″ is a variation of the “La City” urban bike suspension developed by Motion Engineering.

Key features :

  • Maintenance-free and weatherproof
  • No adjustment (spring stiffness adapts automatically to load)
  • Identical behavior with or without load
  • Comfort
  • Change or repair tire without dismounting wheel
  • Integration
  • Safety (anti-dive technology)


Today, only La city 27.5″/29″ is available on the market.

To produce the 20″ version we need your help!

Firstly, to find out what your needs are (even if we already have a fairly precise idea of them) and what you want!

To do this, please fill in the following form.


La CIty 20"

Fourche cargo motion engineering


Extended load range : automatic load management thanks to the behaviour of the pulled blade

Blade behaviour allows the suspension to maintain the same behaviour when the cargo bike is empty or loaded, without any adjustment.

Shock absorption and filtration is 10 times better than a standard suspension fork!

La City suspension is 10 times more comfortable than a standard telescopic fork.

No adjustment and no maintenance !

The suspension mechanism is made up of three components, which require no maintenance.

Unlike a conventional telescopic fork, there are no adjustments to make. The behaviour of the blade automatically adapts to the weight of the rider and the transported load.

Rigorous manufacturing and made in France

The suspension mechanism is manufactured and assembled by our industrial partner JTEKT, based in Irigny in the Rhône-Alpes region.

The JTEKT group was created in January 2006 by the merger of Koyo Seiko Co. Ltd. and Toyoda Machine Works Ltd. to form a new global company with a rich heritage of quality.

Compliance with European standards

Whether it’s ISO4210, 15194 or 17860, La City suspension went through all the static and dynamic tests required.



1 prototype is available for testing on a Douze Cycles cargo bike, available on our premises. The La City suspension for urban bikes with the same mechanism can be sent to you for testing on request.

The La City 20″ suspension is designed to fit as many people as possible. The survey asks for your type of interface, so that we can take it into account when finalizing the chassis.

For pre-ordered customers, delivery is scheduled for early March 2024.

The City 20″ requires a special single-arm wheel with a standard “lefty 2” hub. Many major brands offer these. We can also supply them on request.

Do you have any questions about La CITY 20" suspension?​

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