xjo suspension fork

Suspension fork XJO for XC mountain biking

Discover the XC Revolution: The XJO Fork

We are delighted to present our latest engineering masterpiece: the XJO fork, a suspension designed with a unique vision for XC competition, in honor of the 2024 Olympic Games. The result of thoughtful consideration by our team of experts, the XJO embodies the essence of lightweight, stiffness, and technological innovation.


Anti-Dive – A Brand Signature:

The XJO shares its lineage with our iconic suspensions, such as the E18 and La City, by showcasing anti-dive technology. This unique feature provides exceptional stability on the most demanding terrains, giving every cyclist an invaluable competitive advantage.

Easy Adjustment with Standard Shock:

User-friendliness is at the core of the XJO design. Equipped with a standard shock, it allows for easy suspension adjustments.

Innovative Hub System:

The XJO Fork reinvents the way you change a wheel. Our innovative hub-axle-locking system allows for wheel removal in record time – 10 seconds – without the need for any tools and without removing the brake caliper.

Lightweight, Stiffness, Performance:

With a 120mm travel and a target weight of around 1,400 grams, or even less, the XJO Fork is the ideal choice for riders seeking an exceptionally lightweight, stiff, and high-performance suspension.

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